Love Songs

Zach and I grew up in two different worlds and music truly shows that difference.  Where I spent my time listening to praise and worship or Christian music, Zach was busy jammin’ to rock, rap and hippy stuff.

I asked Zach the other day what his favorite love songs were.  We had a brief discussion about the who it would probably take some time to remember them, but for the time being he played me his favorite High School Musical love song.  I couldn’t stop laughing that he had that in his car.  In fact, the selection in his car wasn’t grand: High School Musical, The Wall – Pink Floyd, and some Guns n’ Roses tape.

Oh, but that is all beside the point…what are your favorite love songs?  The ones that pass the test of time?


2 thoughts on “Love Songs

  1. When I Fall in Love -Chet Baker version
    Fever -Michael Buble
    Do You Dream of Me? -Michael W. Smith
    This Could Be Heaven -Seal
    Don’t Want to Miss a Thing -Aerosmith
    Just to name a few…:) Jess

    • Thanks Jess! I enjoyed listening to these.

      Don’t Want to miss a thing has always been one of my favorites and I really enjoyed Fever.

      When I played When I Fall in Love, Zach said “Christmas music doesn’t count!” Don’t know where he got that.

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