Flash back

Today I decided to look back at past blogs….crazy that I have over five years worth of blogging.  It’s hard to believe I’ve blogging that long.  WOW!

I first went to my oldest February, which happened to be 2006.  I wrote a post on this day back then.  I can not believe how much I accomplished in one day!  I need that drive and determination today.  It’s not greatly written and some of my stories are quite confusing….but it did make me LOL. 🙂

Fast forward a year – 2007 – February 12 – I’m teaching.  And 10th grade boys should be locked in cages.

We also painted our house that February…so fun to look at the before and after photos or our house!

Fast forward another three years, brings us to last February…enjoying the life of a family of three.

It is fun for me to look back.  It’s why I started writing in the first place.  It’s fun to watch how we’ve changed, but it also amazes me how fast the years fly by.  I remember all these days, and with even more detail, thanks to these written words.

PS…some of these post were protected until today.


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