Good Morning.

This morning I was working away downstairs when Isaac woke up.  He walked out of his room and announced “I COMING.”  It took him a few minutes, but he eventually made it down the first flight of stairs to where I could see him.  “Wake Up.”

“Good Morning Isaac!  Did you just wake up?”

“Yes.  Eat eat.”

And he wanders into the kitchen.

A few minutes later there is ruckous in the kitchen.  The dogs and Isaac are up to something in the pantry.  I get to a stopping place and head upstairs (I can see them from my spot, so I’m not overly concerned about what is going on) and this is what I find:

Was I mad?  No.  I actually wondered later in the day why I wasn’t upset.  I mean, it was a WHOLE box of Cheerios, I’d just opened it the day before.  But I could only smile and laugh.  Isaac and I cleaned up the mess together and I gave him some of my Cheerios (Touch of Cinnamon) for breakfast instead, but he didn’t like them as much as his (Multigrain).

Now, had it been a pile of chocolate pudding, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have taken it so well. 🙂


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