I’ve been toying with the idea of doing something for Valentine’s Day with Zach.  My ideas aren’t earth shattering or anything new:

  • Take Isaac to Susie’s or Ron & Cody’s and come home to cook a meal and hang out.
  • Have someone watch Isaac at our house and go to dinner and/or a movie.
  • Enjoy an evening as a family.

See…that last one is the one I’m leaning towards.  I can’t stand the idea of doing things without Isaac.  I love him so much and just like to have the darn kid around.

We had the option of having Cody watch him for my work Christmas party, did we take him up on it?  No, we both decided it would be more fun to have the little guy tag along.  So we spent the night keeping him from tearing someone’s house apart, keeping him entertained and staying near-by because everyone was a stranger and Isaac is so shy.

I’m battling this, because I know, or so it seems from thing I read and such, that Zach and I need to have alone time.  We need to have time for us, as a couple.  How do I get my heart to accept what my head knows?


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