I kinda like shoveling.  I don’t like the idea of it.  I don’t like getting dressed for it.  I don’t like the time it takes.  AND I get tired and blisters every single time I shovel, BUT….there is something relaxing about it.

This week Zach was home from work for “cold” days.  We got snow, but it was too cold to really shovel, so we didn’t. (I don’t think Zach likes shoveling and especially not BEFORE going to work.)

Yesterday Isaac and I were getting ready to go the store.  As I opened the garage, I was greeted with our driveway full of snow and a sunny sky.  With a sunny sky, I know the driveway will dry and we can lose a lot of our ice.  So I handed Isaac his shovel and grabbed mine.  We shoveled wet, sloppy snow and then headed out.

By the time we left our store an hour or so later, it was snowing and there was at least an inch of snow on my car.  The roads were slippery and I couldn’t help but think about my freshly shoveled driveway.  And sure enough, when I got home it didn’t even look like I ever even shoveled.

It snowed the remainder of the afternoon and into the night.  We attended a party, so we drove over the drive several times – a perfect way to get great ice build-up.

Today, Isaac and I had to run an errand.  It was like a replay of yesterday…open garage to a white sea of snow and sun, grab shovels and dig in.

Isaac isn’t really helpful.  In fact, I’d say it takes me twice as long.  I have to change patterns to draw him away from where I really want to work.  I have to keep him out of the street and pick him out of the snow when he falls face first.  BUT….it is soooo much more fun to shovel with him.  He talks and sings and recites books.  How special is that?

My favorite of the day….Isaac was looking at the truck across the street and he shouted: “Hi Truck.  Hi Truck too.  Hi Nobody!  Hi Nooobody!  Hi Nobody!”  Guess we’ve read Good Night Moon a few too many times.  🙂


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