Adventures in Potty Learning – Update #3

What?  My child is still learning?  Yep. 🙂

My last update was back in November, so it seemed like it was a good time to update again.

A week or two ago, I gave up on undies.  Normally, I let Isaac wear undies all day and just deal with the accidents regardless of how many he has.  But, as a working from home mom, I became pretty frustrated that he didn’t seem to care and we were going through all his clothes in two days.  And he only likes to go on the big potty, which is on the top floor and we are generally on the bottom floor, which means two flights of steps to get to the potty once he tells me he has to go.

This on top of the fact that he likes to just talk about poop ALL-THE-TIME, so I never know when he really has to go or he is just talking about the dogs poop.  I decided he could wear diapers.  He didn’t like that, so we came to an agreement.  If he told me in time, he could wear undies, if not, it was a diaper.

We lasted two days…maybe.

Isaac doesn’t like diapers.  I don’t like diapers.

I don’t know why Isaac doesn’t like diapers, but I can tell you my beefs.  We are currently trying to use up the stockpile of G-diapers that I managed to acquire.  And while I love them because I can flush them – I have to flush them.  It’s like a catch-22.  I could use my cloth, but honestly, have just one or two diapers to wash a day seems kinda silly to run the washer on.  Anyway, we didn’t last.

But funny thing happened.  We’ve had a good at least five days….it was five days ago I took notice, so it started a bit before then.  Isaac’s accident level is down to one pee and poops, well those are just different….sometimes none in a day, sometime all in a day.  Isaac has suddenly been able to tell me before he starts peeing with plenty of time to walk up the stairs.  For the most part, the only clothes changes we’ve had recently were because of mis-aims (yes, my two-year-old stands to pee).

Yesterday, we had a funny.  Zach was home for a “cold day” and we were both downstairs.  I suddenly realized Isaac was no where to be seen or heard, so I went upstairs.  He wasn’t in the bathroom, but I heard water running.  Our bedroom door was shut, but I went in and he was in our bathroom, standing on the toilet seat washing his hands.  Turns out, he’d just peed on the toilet seat, through his pants….but at least he got to the bathroom.

Another point to discuss on why I “gave up” is because Isaac has no desire to pull his pants off and/or put them on.  We’ve been working with him forever to put on his own undies, but he just whines “help me” until it is just not even worth it.  This weekend he actually tried a few times to put on them on, such a wonderful thing.

As I was writing this, Isaac said, “Pee-pee on the potty,” and we went upstairs and he went.  10-15 minutes later, Zach comes home and the first Isaac tell him is: “Pees on the potty. YAY!” and claps his hands.  He gets it. 🙂


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