Cheese in the Tummy

They say kids grow fast and they do!  It’s hard to hold onto the moments and I’m sure it only gets harder when you have more and they are older.

Isaac has been working on his ABCs.  I used to sign it and sing it to him while he was sitting on the potty.  It was about the only way I could get him to take a breath and sit for a minute.  Several months later he started trying to sing them himself.  He’d throw out random letters.  It was funny.

Then he progressed…it was abc…syz.  And then over the last week or so he has been added new letters.  His most current rendition is abcefghj-iomnpwsyz.  And some times he’ll even throw in the now I know part.

He will sing other songs, but they aren’t as clear and it’s generally just one or two words, but the fun part is when makes up his own songs.  Yesterday it was “table cough, table cough, table cough.”  His cloth sounds more like cough.  A lot of his songs we just can’t understand.

Isaac is also practicing counting.  For the longest time he would say 2, 6, 8.  In the last day or so when he plays basketball (which is pretty much ALL the time) he says, “1, 2, 3,” and then shoots the ball.  We’ve even caught him reading books and counting the various animals and such, but he still always skips 4.

One of the most fun things is watching him recall details from a story.  Even three days later, he is still talking about the zoo and the elephants outside and hippopotamus in the water.

But in this stage of learning, we’ve also run into a BIG temper.  Isaac is good about doing what we say (except if it involves NOT feeding the dogs), but if it is the opposite of what he wants, he’ll throw toys or chairs or himself on the floor until he “makes his point.”  I’m trying to work with him that it’s okay to be upset, but he doesn’t need to throw things.  It’s a slow process.

I’ll finish up by sharing with you why I decided to write this post.  Today Isaac is trying to understand food in the tummy.

Zach: Where’s your bread?

Isaac: Bread in the mouth.

Zach: In your mouth and then your tummy.

Isaac: Cheese in the belly button. (As he holds his shirt up and points at his belly button).  Cheese in Dada’s belly button.  Cheese in Mommy’s belly button.

Zach: Cheese in everyone’s belly button?

Isaac: Cheese in the tummy.



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