Summer Daydreams

Back in 2007 we went on a road trip to Oregon and Washington.  Zach’s Uncles’s ex-wife lives in Washington.  She is also one of Ron’s best friends and as such we just pretend like she is Zach’s aunt.

DeDe and her husband live on this amazing piece of land.  The highway that runs through town has mountains on one side and water (ocean/strait/bay, something big with Canada on the other side) on the other.  They raise dogs, have chickens, a garden for fresh veggies and lots of strawberries and herbs and other fun stuff.  The land is surrounded by trees and they’ve developed little areas all around – the wedding site, mexican lounge, swings.

Their house is tiny.  Years and years ago they had it moved from town out to the “farm.”  It is probably the tiniest house I’ve ever been in, but what is so great is it doesn’t matter.  When you are there, you go into the house to pee.  The rest of the time you spend outside, playing, sitting, talking, just enjoying the world God gave us.

This year we want to take Isaac up there.  We’d like to stay longer than the night (or two) we stayed last time.  We figure will bring out tent and camp out.  It’ll be a great experience for Isaac and it’s about the most relaxing place I can think to go.

So, today, as I watched the snow fall and found out that all schools have been cancelled tomorrow due to sub-zero temperature, I was dreaming of laying in the mexican lounge with the sunlight piercing through the trees creating the perfect napping atmosphere.  (Okay, okay, I was also thinking about the best shower I’ve ever had in the amazing outdoorish shower house they have, but the mexican lounge just sounded better.)

I can’t wait for summer!


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