The last two days have felt like Spring which just hints at Summer and already I’ve been having trouble getting summer off my mind.  As we are still in the middle of Winter and who knows when the next snow and cold spell will show up, we tried to make good use of this nice weather.

Yesterday, I had to work, but Isaac got out for several hours with Uncle Cody.  They moved the basketball hoop out front for a while, took a trip to the park and spent at least 30 minutes reading books in the grass outside.  Isaac wasn’t ready to come inside when I said he needed to eat and take a nap.

Today, despite the weather forecast saying it was going to be cooler, I decided we were going to go to the zoo.  And the weather perked up, just enough to make for a glorious day.  We stopped and picked up Aunt Susie on the way and the three of us had quite a nice afternoon.  If you ask Isaac he’ll tell you about Elephants, Zebras and Hippopotamus’ in the water hiding.  We didn’t get the to giraffes (one of Isaac’s favorites), because he so wanted to see the Elephants and Hippos.  Isaac will also tell you of his green octopus cookie that Aunt Susie bought for him.

As we walked we talked about Summer….oh, glorious summer…I can’t wait.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Zach graduating on May 7
  • Zach and I both looking for teaching jobs for the fall
  • Having two incomes again
  • Going camping and doing fun things on the weekends (since we won’t have to worry about school!)
  • Road trip to DeDe’s in Washington, including a few day (I hope) in Canada.
  • And maybe, just maybe, I’ll climb another 14er this summer.  It’s been too long and I’m kinda scared to go back, but it was so thrilling I need to push myself to to it again.
  • Having five weeks of vacation that I must use and a total of 7 weeks if I want it, mean I want to plan trips and actually get out and do things!

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