It’s Day!

Haven’t a two-year-old is problematic for playing cards with friends, so we planned a late night card night on Saturday…which lead to another problem – tired parents and very awake child.

On Saturday night…oh, I mean, Sunday morning, we went to bed at 3AM, Isaac had gone to bed at his normal 10:30ish time, so when 8:30AM came around, he was ready to start the day.  He walked on into our room, I pulled him into bed, hoping he’d snuggle in and go back to sleep like he sometimes does.  I rolled over and continued to sleep.

Next thing I know, Isaac is laying on my back to get to my face and yelling, “It’s Day! Mommy! It’s Day!”

I continued to sleep, so Isaac found new things to entertain himself.  He climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom.  I hear him say, “Oh no.  Muffy water.” (We are dog sitting my parent’s dog and we keep her water in our bathroom and I knew it was out).

He climbs up on the toilet, turns the water on and proceeds to try to fill her bowl.  I hear him talking about doing it and helping, but the water ran for a LOOOONG time.  Zach decides it has gone on long enough and tells Isaac to stop playing in the water.  Of course, in typical two-year-old way, Isaac gets off the toilet runs out of the bathroom with the bowl, throws bowl and then himself on the carpet and starts screaming.

I did what any mom who wants sleep would do, I reached the remote, asked for my husbands eyes and turned on Martha Speaks….and then 30 minutes later Curious George.  Hey…I needed my sleep.

I did quite enjoy listening to Isaac wander around and find things to do and really, he was trying to help and be good, he just got a little distracted. 🙂


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