Before Isaac

Before Isaac we didn’t go out much, but we had friends over almost every weekend to play games and hang out.  One friend, in particular, we used to see a lot of and now, not so much.

Okay, we won’t blame it on Isaac.  In reality, we had Isaac, Zach and I were both in school and then just Zach and most of our free time was devoted to Zach’s schoolwork.  Russ, the above mentioned friend, graduated from school, became a full-time nurse and got a girlfriend, who happens to be a doctor, so it’s not like their schedules meshed with our that well.

But today is different!  Today is the day that life is going back to “before Isaac.”  You see, before Russ would randomly call us and see what we were doing that night and we’d say nothing and that he should come over and he would.  I think sometimes we’d call him, but he is generally awake before us.  And today, we were out driving around and Russ called.  Tonight, we are having some much needed Russ-time.  I’m excited.  I love all my friends, but of the close few Russ is the one we see the least.

Crazy to think that Russ and Zach went to high school together, but I didn’t meet him until two days before our wedding.  And it wasn’t until several years later when he moved back to Colorado from Chicago that I really got to know him.  It seems like he has always been around.  For a long while, Russ and Stacy were our “everything” friends.  We did everything together….birthday, weekends, weddings.  Guess we are just waiting on Russ to get married now and Stacy and Joe to move back to Colorado….but I have a feeling Russ won’t be living in Colorado by then. 😦


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