Silly Turkey

The other day we were driving down the road and saw a bunch of geese.  The following conversation took place:

Isaac: Ducks!
Zach: Goose…Gooses
Gamama: Geeses
Me: Geese
Isaac: Turkey!
Then we all laughed.

As I think about this story, I really think Isaac was laughing at us, as the next day he began “Silly Turkey.”

Long time ago (okay it was really only a few months ago), Zach found this book at Barnes and Nobel.  It goes…”blue hat, green hat, yellow  hat….oops!”  The elephant, the moose and the bear can put their clothes on right, but the turkey always gets it wrong.   I’ve always read it “Silly Turkey” instead of “Oops!”

Recently Isaac has taken to saying “Silly Turkey” or “Silly Uck” (the way he says Isaac) when we are putting on his clothes and something goes wrong…his legs end up in the same hole, he arm goes out with his head, etc.  Sometimes he’ll even do it when he does something wrong.

I was thinking today, how much better would life be if we stopped to chuckle and say “Silly Turkey” when we did something wrong instead of getting upset about it?  I mean, really, 90% of the things we get upset about really aren’t worth it.


4 thoughts on “Silly Turkey

  1. So true! What a great thought… And what if not only did we say “Silly Turkey”, but gave thanks to God in spite of whatever is not quite right. To become truly grateful…that would be awesome. ~J

  2. Amen sister! I think we should all take our selves a little less serious….although I think I have run into times when I have not taken things serious enough (or so it would appear!). It is nice to hear you say something I have been saying for like ever! 😉

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