Last week or the week before I thought I’d buy a box of Jell-O.  I haven’t made Jell-O in 10+ years, but I thought Isaac might enjoy it.  He likes to “Help Me Bake”.
I keep meaning to make it, but every time I think about it, it’s far to late to actually eat the Jell-O that night, so I put it off.  Yesterday I remembered at 4:30, which seemed like a perfect time, because it could be our snack before bed.
I remembered that my parents always put Jell-O in the “fancy” cups and it always made it so special.  So I dug out some sturdy champagne glasses before we got started.  I let Isaac pour and stir and even taste a bit, but the real fun was hours later watching him eat it.
Like many things, words get in the way of this story, so instead I’ll just let you enjoy the photos:
PS…I added a new recipe the other day…Jenn’s Tater Tot Casserole.

One thought on “Jell-O

  1. haha…very nice. That must have been the grape jello you guy you telling me about the other day. Funny that you picked grape, it almost looks like wine in a champaign glass

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