I’m beginning to love this stuff called snow.

I used to dread it.  I had to walk in it, I had to drive in it.  Both required bundling up, scraping snow, shoveling walks, turning heaters up, wearing waterproof good tracion shoes, being weary of other drivers, being late everywhere or leaving too darn early and all the while still freezing.  All we could hope for was a snow day.

Now, I don’t have reason to leave my house except to go the store, which means if I’m properly stocked, snow is no bother.  And since today, snow came on a Sunday, it meant Zach didn’t have to leave either.

We had a perfectly good snow day.  Play time, reading time, baking time, video game time, nap time, and crazy-throw-some-food-together-in-a-pot-and-see-what-happens cook time.  Yep, a perfect day!


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