Going Rogue

I’m currently reading Going Rogue by Sarah Palin.  I love to read this type of book – I’m kinda a memoir/biography junkie.

When I originally said I wanted to read this book, Zach rolled his eyes at me.  I said, “I read Hilary Clinton’s book, I should read this one too.”   Now it’s been years since I’ve read Hilary’s book, so I’m not really comparing the two, which is good, people have the right to be individuals.

I find it odd that I’m drawn in my these types of books.  I’m not political, I steer clear of political conversations with anyone but Zach (which is quite funny because we agree on a lot of issues, but not people – funny) and I think this stems from my childhood.  My dad never participated in family events when my grandparents were around because one time, when I was about seven, there was this huge argument over something political and they couldn’t move on.  My parents were republican and my second family were democrats – this left me somewhere in the middle trying to make sense of it all but not wanting anyone to “get mad” at me.  But here I am, getting off topic.

Books written by people about their lives are funny things and have to be taken with a grain of salt.  I mean who really looks at the negative side of themselves?  And who ever really knows the whole story?  We only know our side, from our point of view, which is always skewed.  And then who’s memory is so good that they can remember every little detail?  There is some embellishment and some leaving out of other things, but that is who we are as people – that is how we tell any story, so why would it be different when we write it down?  It really annoys me when people write negative reviews of memoirs because their stories exactly the way someone else remembers them.

I’m enjoying Palin’s book.  I really like her as a person.  What I find funny about the book is it seems to be written to contend with rumors and people who don’t like her.  Kind of her way of responding to everything that has ever been said or written about her, but who can blame her?  I’d want to write my side too.


One thought on “Going Rogue

  1. I saw you were reading that on Good Reads and was surprised knowing how you don’t talk politics. I saw her talking about the book, but honestly I don’t usually read that type of book. However, after watching Sarah Palin’s Alaska it makes me more interested in reading about her. I would love to hear your final “review” when you get done. ~J

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