Twos? Love.

I’m absolutely loving my thinking, exploring, expressing two year old.  Some super sweet things that make me smile:

When he wakes up in the morning and wanders to our bedroom and I’m already working, Lexi will be on the bed.  Downstairs I hear him yell, “Bad dog, Dexi-doggie bad”.  He will then come downstairs and tell me that she was, “bad. night, night mommy’s (or daddy’s depending on the day) bed. sleep.”

And today he has had two broken electronic toys.  The first one, he got mad at and threw it across the room.  I asked him to bring it to me, he did.  I then turned it on and handed it back to him.  He looked right in my eyes and said “gank you mommy.”  Then went off to play for 10-15 minutes.

The second toys batteries seem to be dead.  Isaac troubleshooted the problem by identifying it wasn’t working, turning all the switches on/off and trying again.  Then he went upstairs, grabbed daddy’s screwdriver (he knows his won’t work) and came back down and set to work trying to get the battery screws out.  After a while, he turned the toy back over, hit the on button (nothing happened) and said “now what?”  He repeated this process a few times, before decided snuggling with the dogs seemed like a better plan.

Oh, and did I mention how he loves to sing?  I’m working on playing music more, because I need new songs.  Today, he has been singing some baby signing time songs….specifically “new, new, new day” so fun!


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