Special Dinners

For New Year’s Zach and Susie have a crab dinner.  I don’t eat crab, so it’s just the two of them.

This year, Susie bought all the stuff and came to our house.  Zach fixed Isaac dinner, I munched on that, and then he began his and Susie’s dinner.  In the end the table was set, the food was eaten.

As I looked at the table I wondered…how come my best friend gets this special treatment?  When was the last time I had a table set, with wine, for dinner?  And then, when was the last time I set the table for Zach?

Zach and I both cook and we eat at the table every night for dinner, so what made this different?  I’ve been mulling this over the last few day trying to pin point it and all I can gather is that it was the feeling.  The relaxed, specialness of the dinner had a certain feel that our normal dinner-is-hot-serve-it-up-and-eat dinner’s don’t.  Guess we need to slow down a bit.


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