Little Boys

My newly two year old little boy has been one talkative little guy lately.  All day long he is either copying every word we say or he hears on TV or he is telling me exactly what he is doing, what the dogs are doing or what he is thinking about.

We went through a “yep” stage and an “okay” stage, recently Isaac has learned “Yes” and it is so definite the way he says it.

I can also find him often singing to himself.  Recently he has taken to singing and trying to sign the ABCs.  Here is a little video of him singing today, every time he forgets you’ll here him say “something” and move on…makes me laugh each time I see it.

And how he can go from being that cute and fun to being such a boy it the joy of parenthood, right?  At the end of that video he is sneaking up on Lexi and sticking his finger in her butt.  BOYS!


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