Last weekend I made a plan for my evenings this week.  I had dinner plans and things to accomplish.  We have a very busy weekend coming up and then Christmas, so it seemed like a good idea.

Monday – nothing spectacular.  I made the dinner I planned on (chicken, potatoes and peas) and had enough chicken leftover for a variety of chicken salads for lunch this week.

Tuesday – my plans changed a bit and I headed over to my friends house for dinner.  It is always good to go over there, but this time was particularly nice, maybe be cause I wasn’t as tired as I have been the last few times I’ve been over there.

Wednesday – Brought a quick change to my plans.  Isaac didn’t take his normal nap, but didn’t want to play either.  He just wanted to sit next to me.  About the time I was getting off work, he started moving around a lot like he couldn’t get comfortable and whining “mommy, mom, mommy.”  Then he said he needed to go potty, so we quickly went up stairs.  I forget exactly what happened here, but somehow we interupted Zach from his schoolwork and he was holding Isaac in his room when Isaac started heaving.  I grabbed a towel out of the closet because I was standing right there and caught some stuff, then we moved to the bathroom and I grabbed a bucket on the way.  Isaac was great about using the bucket, but still managed to get it on himself and Daddy.  After a clean up, Isaac and I snuggled the rest of the night.  He had a fever and just wanted to be held.  Thankfully he slept all night in his bed and his fever was down to 99.4 the next morning, but he was still clingy and only wanted me to hold him.

—–I started this on Thursday, but only got this far…two days later I’m going to attempt to end this with my original vision.—-

Thursday:  Isaac started to really feel good around noon.  Playing and not clingy to me.  He woke up super early, so I got him settled next to me watching TV so I could work.  For dinner I was cooking roast in the crock pot, so at lunch I decided to start bread.  After work, I was upstairs cycling the laundry when I started to smell the wonderful smell of fresh baked bread.  Oh so yummy and it make me smile.  A few minutes later, I ran across Isaac in our front room playing with his train.  I sat there and smiled – and then grabbed my camera.

I had to start writing because Thursday my house felt like a home.  It was warm, smelled delightful and I was happy and content to be a mom doing mom things and have a brillant son doing kid things.  Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


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