For years we’ve heard about the concept of six degrees of separation, where everyone in the world is linked by six people…but it’s been one of those hard to grasp things.  Modern social networking is making it easier to see connections amongst people.  Sometimes for the stranger.

I’ve written about this before, but it just keeps whacking me in the face.

Today three people I know gave birth – two of them were in my master’s program, one I went to high school with – “R”.  I posted a status about it on Facebook and one of my friends from college – “G” – responded.  Turns out he is friends with R’s husband, who had also posted about the birth of his daughter.  And he was surprised by the connection, since he doesn’t even know R.

Last week, I called Zach on my way home and he asked me, “How do you know the B’s?”  Of course, I asked why and he said he just friended one of his classmates on Facebook and she was asking because she knows them too!

A few weeks ago, my friend N was tagged in a photo that looked to be taken at a party.  While we used to lead a youth group together, he is more like a cousin I see at family events now – his family is my pseudo family.  Anyway, I happened to click on the photo and somehow ended up on the posters profile page and she is friends with students I taught.  Turns out she went to the high school I taught at and graduated the year before I taught there.  The photo was taken the year I was teaching.  I’m still baffled at how they know each other.

A year or so ago, a person said she thought we should be friends because we had three friends in common.  That in and of it’s self isn’t strange, but these are how I know the three people.  R was my friend in elementary school, K went to high school with me and Ron is my father-in-law.  Her father works with Ron, R went to high school with her and she knows K through some friends.

I just love seeing the connections between people.  Facebook used to have a feature where you could state how you knew someone and other people could see those if they wanted to know the connection.  I don’t see it anymore, so they’ve either moved it to the background or gotten rid of it completely.  I miss that.  It was one of my favorite parts about Facebook.  Now I’m stuck actually asking and being nosey instead of spying, I wonder – which is worse?



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