I’m new to the world of laundry.  I’ve been blessed and haven’t had to do it until recently and really, I don’t suppose I have to do it now, but I’ve chosen to take it on to allow Zach a bit more time for his homework.  Recently, I’ve become frustrated in the fact that the clothes never dry.  I mean I have to run 5-6 70 minute drying cycles to get them dry.  It takes me all day to do one load.  It’s horrible.

We’ve been meaning to clean out the vents for a while.  So a few weekends ago we did.  We moved the drier out and disconnected the hose and it was super packed with lent and dog hair…the entire 6 foot tube was packed.  We decided to throw it out and get a new one and this time we followed the directions and cut it down to size.  I was all excited for my drier to work, surely this was what was causing my problem.

Nope.  It didn’t work.

So, next step, take off the housing to the house and attempt to clean the tube.  We ran into a major wasp nest and while we battled them, our neighbor noticed what we were doing.  I honestly can’t remember exact what we were going to do, but he had a better plan (it pays to live next to nice people who have owned a home a while and are handy at things).  He lent us this contraption that you just stick through the vent, connect to your drill and all the lent comes with.

Nice idea, but the parts only got us about halfway from the outside of the house to the drier.  It was dark, so we put it off.

A few days later (yesterday), so we went and bought additional extentions.


Wrote the above back on September 16…long story short, we got everything out of the vent.  From the dryer to the house.  The dryer wasn’t any better, but I was bound and determined to just live with it, until Saturday.

On Saturday I turned the dryer on and it started smoking.  Yep, not a good sign.  So we could pay someone to come out and fix it, or get a new one to match the “new” washer we got two years ago.  We opted for the second options.  I haven’t been too thrilled with “fixers,” and I need a dryer.  With a child who doesn’t have many winter clothes, we just need it and don’t have time to find a solution.  So, my new dryer arrives on Thursday.  I’m super excited.  Man, I’ve come a long way!


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