Adventures in Potty Learning – Update #2

I feel like I should update, but I don’t feel like there is much of an update.

Isaac rarely has accidents outside of the house – we even made it on a four plane rides across the country just fine, but for some reason around the house is a different story.  It’s like he just forgets, or maybe I’m not paying as much attention.

Last weekend he had Diahreah, poor guy.  It really set us back.

This weekend I don’t think he went on the potty once.  I was ready for diapers again and so was Zach.  My frustration level was so high, I had to take a step back and remember my rule….if it’s not relaxing, it’s not worth it.  We spent an evening in diapers and then yesterday morning we returned to undies, with one change.

For a while, when we asked Isaac if he needed to go potty, he’d say nothing for no or yep.  It was great.  Recently he has taken to always responding with variation of no.  So I decided every hour he was going to try, whether or not he said yes or no and we would make it pleasant.  We would read a book or sing a song….he loves both of those, so I’m hoping it will help settle him enough to sit…he has a bit of an energy issue and doesn’t like to take the time to go.  Many times the second he starts to pee he’ll stand up and run over to whatever he was playing with.

Yesterday went well.  We pushed a few of the hours by 15ish minutes, but we had no accident.  It was a good day.  I was happy, Isaac was happy.

Today has been mostly successful, but Cody was over and Mom was over and after nap things fell apart.  My head was distracted and I’m sure Isaac’s is as well, so we’ve had a few accidents.

I really think Isaac gets it.  He hates being poopy and will generally fuss for a moment after he pees, but I’m really thinking it’s just he is too busy to slow down or he forgets (just like I do).


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