Sisters & Switchfoot

My sister and I have a love-hate relationship.  I’d like to say as we’ve gotten older, we’ve gotten better, but that might be a stretch of the imagination.  In reality all I can say is that we might actually listen more now.

When we get together, it is generally just a matter of time before we have an all out fight.  The funny thing is that we have had so many of these blow ups that we actual are careful about what we say and how we interact with each other.

Needless to say…on our recent trip to Virginia…there was a major blow up.  The fight lasted about a day I think.  We yelled, screamed, and cried.  We spoke some truths and said somethings that were mean, hateful and that we just didn’t mean.  Bags were packed, walks were taken.

In the end, she was right, I was right.  She was wrong, I was wrong.  We apologized and forgave all in time to go to see Switchfoot.

Years ago…October 2006…Stacy and I went to our first Switchfoot concert.  Nothing is Sound had just come out.  It was at the Ogden here in Denver.  It was a great concert.  We had an amazing time.  We turned into giddy, high schoolers.  Stacy even “touched” Jon and of course that was worth it all.

They didn’t come back to Denver for a while.  They finally returned last summer, but they were the opener for a band that has fans in a different crowd than Switchfoot fans.  They were rude and mean and I was told not to sing along….who goes to a concert and doesn’t sing along to the songs they know?  It felt like a fail and this time it was me, Stacy, Susie and Zach.  Thankfully, as we were sulking our way back to the car, we ran across the band outside their bus chatting with fans.  We got some pictures, got to listen to the new CD and even got to enjoy one of Jon Foreman’s now semi-famous Aftershows.

Several months later, Zach and I got to see them again where I’d originally seen them – the Ogden.  This time we choose the balcony, and the concert was great, but it was just different with my hubby and not my sister.

So…when we saw that Switchfoot was stopping near Stacy and Mom didn’t have a job and could go visit Stacy, we planned a trip.  We figured it just might be the last time we get to enjoy Switchfoot live, just the two of us.

In our typical fashion we got lost getting to the place – which happened to be in Downtown Norfolk – a place Stacy hadn’t been yet.  Then we had to find parking and didn’t have any cash – yep, were smart about stuff like this.  Thankfully Stacy had just enough change in her ashtray to get us into  a parking garage a few blocks away.  Funny thing about this parking garage – every space had a “fortune” – more on that later.

We enjoyed the concert.  And much like the last time we’d gone together, the songs speak to where we are in life at the moment.  At the end of the show we debated on whether or not we should hang around to see the band, and eventually decided we were old and tired and headed back to the car.

But….we couldn’t remember which level we were on.  We thought we’d recognize it based on the fortune, but somehow we ended up on the top level and hadn’t found it yet.  We decided to walk through the garage….which only begged for us to take pictures with our favorite fortunes:



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