Happy Hour

Sonic Happy Hour is making me fat.

It seemed like a great idea.  Isaac takes a nap from 2-4:30ish…Sonic Happy Hour runs from 2-4.  So lately, on the weekends, I’ll put him down, leave Zach to do homework and I’ll go (all by myself) to get drinks – specifically a Strawberry Lemonade for a $1.

Sonic is about five minutes away.  So I get 12 minutes alone.  Twelve minutes to sing.  Twelve minutes to think.  It’s glorious.

But now my pants don’t fit.  Can I blame happy hour?  I can’t think of anything else I’ve changed….well…I have recently started doing laundry – maybe I just shrunk my pants!  Zach is convinced that’s what I did….I’m not so sure.

PS…don’t blame me if you find yourself looking for Sonic when you are out between 2 and 4.


2 thoughts on “Happy Hour

  1. I think you shrunk them too. With all the exercise you’ve been doing lately it definitely isn’t the happy hour treats…and even if it is, the 12 minutes of freedom are totally worth it 🙂

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