A few days ago a “Call Phone” button showed up in my chat bar in gmail.  At lunch today, Zach and I were discussing how we disliked some of the recent changes gmail has made.  He was asking about the recent “call phone” button that showed up a few days ago in the chat bar.  I had my work phone sitting next to me so I thought, I’ll give it a try.

I pushed “call phone,” dialed in the number and waited, and waited, and waited.  I was in the process of stating, “Well, this obviously doesn’t work very well, it’s not even ringing”…..when my boss answered.  I went silent.   Panicked.  And hung up.  Whoops!

I’m sure she is wondering who called her, she might have tried to call back and got my google voice account.  I’m a little too embarrassed to look into it further.  Guess I call my boss more than I call myself….and guess I probably shouldn’t be playing with new gmail features when I should be working.  But it did give Zach and I a little laugh.


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