Love that kid

Have I waited long enough to get to say how awesome of a kid I have?  Never did I image I’d have this strong, inexplicable love.  I can’t put it into words and yet I want to shout it for all to hear.  He is such a joy to have around, to chat with, to just watch play and grow.  I want to hold onto every moment and not let go.  He is the best, smartest most wonderfulest boy ever.  I love him.

Here is a pic of him today with his daddy:


2 thoughts on “Love that kid

  1. Ditto! 😉

    I, too, am at a loss for words trying to express exactly how I feel about my daughter. All I know is that I’m happy. No, extremely happy. Make that overjoyed. No … that doesn’t even begin to describe it …

    Oh well! 😉

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