Simple Pleasure

Years ago, when Zach and I were dating, he bought a shower curtain.  That shower curtain followed him to the apartment that we eventually shared and then it followed us into our current home.  The curtain was beige and black and all our towels match.

Recently, I’ve been wanting a new look and feel for the bathroom.  We have light blue cabinets and blueish tile, so it’s never “really” gone.  I’ve been looking off and on and trying to get Zach to approve of a shower curtain I liked.

Yesterday it was hot, so we went to Kohls to shop for shoes for Isaac and Zach.  Zach needs shoes pretty bad and we’ve been looking all over, but he is so picky.  In a matter of minutes, he’d determined he didn’t like any of the shoes available, but we needed to waste more time, rather than go home and sit in the heat.  So we wandered – this is never good for my bank account and yesterday was no exception.

But I did get my mini-bathroom-makeover. 🙂  I found a shower curtain that Zach approved of and got a rug to match.  It is green, blue and brown circles….and really matches the colors of the cabinet and tile well.  I also decided to get a frame to put some pictures in to cover some old patchwork that has always bothered me.

Originally, I was thinking of putting some bathtime photos of Isaac in it.   When I got home and started working on it and I remembered how when I was sitting on the beach in North Carolina, I was in love with the colors.  The beauty of the wet sand, dry sand, greens of the ocean and blue of the sky and speckles of color in the shells was just enchanting.  I had wanted to come home and redo my whole house in “beach” colors.  As I thought about it, the new curtain was exactly the same colors from the beach, so what better photos to put up then photos of our time at the beach?

Today I am happy every time I walk into the bathroom.  It is so nice and bright and it just makes me smile – and the memories of the beach are pretty good too. 🙂

Here’s a few photos of the frame and an attempt at the frame and shower curtain.


2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasure

  1. Nice,what I great way to make it beach themed with your personal photos, you would think of that. Joe and I were thinking of making our bathroom beach themed too. Afterall we do live near the beach. Your picture of your bathroom totally throws me off though…what perspective is that, it makes your bathroom look much bigger than it is. Unless you moved and didn’t tell me 😉

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