Driving in the Storm

Yesterday we had to drive to Pueblo.

Last week we went to the Dunes.  Eight of us went, in three cars.  One car broke down 3 hours from home.  Thankfully, we were able to unload all camping stuff and anything we didn’t need for a few days from our car and put it in the broken down car.  And because we have that third row of seats, we were able transport all six of us back to Denver.  But all our stuff was down ended up being towed to Pueblo (2 hours away).

Well, the car is un-fixable…well, fixable but not worth the money to fix, so the owner is getting a new car and selling the old car to the shop in Pueblo.  That left us needing to drive down to get all our stuff.  Which brings us to yesterday.

After work, Susie met at my house.  We loaded Isaac into the car and headed out.  But suddenly, when we were passing through Colorado Springs, a disgusting smell permeated the car.  It was definitely puke, but we couldn’t figure out what it was.  I had just turned the AC down, so we thought that had something to do with it.

About two hours later, we arrive at our destination.  The weather is gorgeous.  We unload the broken car and load up my car.  We stop at Quiznos and enjoyed sandwiches, soup and salad….oh and cookies.  And then we go to get back in the car and the second I open the door, the puke smell just pour out.  It was so strong.  It keeps getting worse.  I’m freaking out.  Susie is laughing.  Isaac is just sat in the back and talked.

Then we hit Ft. Carson.  It began to pour rain.  I HATE driving in rain because I had a bad hydroplaning experience when I was 16 on I-25 around Monument – the same road I was driving on and the same patch of road I was about to get to.  I breath.  I tell myself: okay, okay, okay…over and over.  The rain let up  a bit and then would start again.  At points I couldn’t see the road.  The rain would have been bad enough, but it was dark and we had the headlights from the other side of the highway that made it even worse.

After a while I turned on the radio…well turned the volume up and switched to the CD that was already in the player – Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot.  Your love is a Song came on.  Which reminded me of how awesome of a God we serve and brought me peace.

We arrived home safely, just 15 minutes later than the GPS had originally told us we were going to arrive.  Pretty good for driving 35 miles under the speed limit most of the way.


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