After dinner tonight, Isaac and I took a trip to the library.  We’ve gone to the library before, but never just to look for him.  Today that was the purpose – to get some books for Isaac.

We wandered around, Isaac running down the aisles and exclaiming at the different stuffed animals and books and toys and chairs.  We picked out five books and Isaac scanned each one to check them out.  We then held hands and walked back to the car.

We saw my favorite children’s book while there.  We own it, so didn’t need to check it out, but it reminded me of a conversation Zach and I had the other night.

Zach and I have both spent many years working with kids, Zach far more than me.  When I worked at the daycare center I fell in love with this book and ended up buying it for myself so I’d have it for my kids.

Zach informed me the other day that he’d never heard of the book until I read it to Isaac.  Crazy to me that that is possible, but makes me wonder what other great books I might be missing.

Bet you are wondering what this great book is by now, huh?  It’s by Don and Audrey Wood, who have written many children’s books that are loved…the napping house, piggies, etc., but I didn’t realize it was the same people until Zach and I had this conversation the other day.  And I was surprised.  It’s not that I hate the other books they have written, but I just don’t love them.  Maybe they have too many words or are boring to read aloud.  I can’t really pin point it.

Back to the point…if you haven’t read “The  Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear,” you should.  It’s a great book to read aloud….just enough words on each page and just enough mystery for older kids.  Yep…it’s a keeper. 🙂


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