Eating In

Yesterday was a rough day.  We went on a big trip to the Dunes over the weekend and it took it’s toll on me.  I had a pretty bad cold, but was on the mend yesterday, but still so tired.   That is just some background on how I was doing physically.

I generally get up at 8, go downstairs and get to work.  Between 10 and 11 Isaac wakes up, and I feed him breakfast and continue working.  Lunch is around 1:30 and then it’s time for Isaac to go back to bed for nap.  He sleeps until 3-4:30 and I’m done with my day.  I really need those early morning hours to make my plan for the day and get a jump start.

That wasn’t to be yesterday.  7:45 Isaac was screaming.  I went to get him and he just wanted to play.  So we got up.  He went potty and we ate some breakfast.  I attempted to work, but Isaac wouldn’t wear a diaper or underwear, so I was constantly checking to see if he’d had an accident.

Our TV downstairs has decided it doesn’t want to turn on, so I couldn’t even put a show on for Isaac.  About 9:20 Isaac was just tripping over things and being really cranky, so I put him back to bed.  He slept for a while, but I didn’t let him sleep too long, because I wanted to get him back on schedule.

I tried to reach Zach several times during the day.  I just needed to talk to him, have him reassure me, etc.  But it wasn’t to be.  I called, I texted, nothing.

I was exhausted when Isaac woke up for lunch and I just laid on his floor and fell asleep.  Of course, the dogs joined me and then Isaac covered us in ALL his diapers.

After lunch I got an email from my mom telling me she’d lost her job.  In the end, it is probably a good thing because for the last several months she’s only been able to work a few days a week, but added on to the rest of my day it just took me down.

I gave up trying to not be depressed and just gave into it.  I ate whatever I wanted and decided I didn’t care if I gained weight.

By the time dinner came around, I didn’t even want to go grab something (this is a rarity).  And I decided to make chicken and rice.  We always have rice and frozen chicken, so as long as I’m willing to put forth the effort good things can happen.

I started the rice in the rice cooker.  I put some oil in a skillet and added some sage and garlic, added the chicken to that.  Started some mixed veggies and in pot and then I sat.  I didn’t know what to do.  I noticed some self-rising flour in my cupboard and decided to make some biscuits.  Something I’ve never done.  I made it with butter and milk instead of the shorting and buttermilk the package called for and I tossed in some Rosemary-Garlic spice that caught my eye.  10 minutes later my biscuits were done and so was everything else, except when I tested my rice, it needed more time.  I can never seem to get my brown rice cooked right.  So I decided to reheat some mashed potatoes that were just about past there time.   Everything tasted delightful (my husband agrees) and somehow my entire mood changed.  Guess using stuff I have and not being wasteful has a great positive effect on me.

I ended the evening sharing a glass of milk and some cookies with my little man – the perfect ending.

Today we had our left-over rice, extra biscuits and some chicken nuggets.  Two days of eating in, without going to the store in over a week, pretty good for us. 🙂


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