Ever wonder…

What happened to that one guy you sat across from in Math in 7th grade?  Or that girl that had everything in high school?  If so, you may have looked for them on Facebook, or they may have found you.

Facebook is great for finding what happened to these lost people from your past.  It was designed as a tool to keep in touch with others.  Makes the miles seem like feet and the years seem like days.  But in it awesomeness we lose a bit of wonder.  If this person is on Facebook, or one of there family members are, all questions answered.  That super popular person who was going to have the life dreams are made of works at the retails store down the street and has already been divorced twice.  That guy you never thought would settle down, has two kids and a beautiful house.  Mystery solved.

Now, who are you going to wonder about?  Oh, no fear…there are plenty of Facebook games to keep you occupied.  But be forewarned, you are going to have to start scheduling your life around them.  Tours need to be complete, crops will die and everyone needs gifts.  Be prepared to devote your life to this fantasy world.

With all this wasted time, you have little time left for the things of the past – things like letter writing and emailing.  Maybe you have the time, but why would you write?  Everyone already knows what is going on in your life because you post a status update at least three times a day.

Despite my little rant about Facebook, I do like it and will continue to use it.  I used to be a letter/email writer, not everyone was, so this is a good medium for them.  I’m sad though.  Will my kids know how to write letters?  You betcha.  But will there friends, girlfriends, children?  What will be the new technological craze then?  I’ve been re-reading old emails lately.  They were rather like blogs for me.  I purged everything in my head.  I didn’t even bother with organization or paragraphs, but I was consistent.  I was driven to keep in contact with people and let them know what was going on in my life.

Before email, even after, I had to check the mail every day in hopes I’d receive a letter.  Some unexpected little treasure.  I miss those days.  Now I dread getting the mail.  I’ll leave it for two or three weeks.  Sometimes they can’t cram anything else in and have to take it back to the post office. The mail is silly….almost all my bills are emailed to me, so the mail we are getting is pretty much all junk.  Occasionally, there will be something good….like a few weeks ago when Zach got an envelope from school with a letter and certificate stating he was on the Dean’s list.

But now I’m really off topic.  Would you ever guess that all this writing was really just to say that one of my favorite aspects of Facebook is the fact that I learn how people are connected.  My friends from high school might just be friends with one of my youth camp friends from another state, or maybe they are friends with my friends young brother or maybe there a person out there who knows three of the same people as I do, but they are all from three complete separate areas of my life.  It often reminds me of the six degrees of separation and it always makes me smile.  Maybe that is where my wonder is….in wondering how this connections were formed.


4 thoughts on “Ever wonder…

  1. Even though I work in IT I don’t use Facebook that often except to find peoples numbers and email addresses. I agree, it kills the mystery but at the same time it does answer those burning questions.Unfortunately, these days it seems like it is the only way to communicate with some people. So to me, it’s a mixed blessing.

  2. Wow, I can hardly believe that you are saying such things about facebook as you are a facebook love, but it makes since you were crazy about mail and writing. Sadly you are right the sail mail had turned into sad mail to me too. On a more positive note, that is kinda why I like netflix….there is actually something to look forward to getting in the mail.

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