A weekend in a day

I feel like we packed an entire weekend into Saturday.  We woke up earlier to drive to a trail to go hiking.  We always forget about the Poudre Canyon, but it is so pretty up there.  We did a multi-cache up there.  It was a good time.  We crossed tons of little streams and we climbed up some rocks…even had a few rushes into the woods for quick bathroom breaks.  It’s so good to get out of house, enjoy the world and share memories with my family.  I’m so glad we made the time for it.

After hiking, we decided to stop by Roger and Kathy’s place.  They moved up to Kathy’s parent’s cabin several years ago and we haven’t been there since they’ve live up there.  We showed up late afternoon and had a nice visit.  Isaac wanted to get into everything, but Roger and Kathy are so great and played with him and showed him lots of stuff.

He got to play on a tractor:

He go to play the piano:

He got to swing on the tire swing:

And he got to play on a musical chair, watched a train, jumped on their bed, climbed the stairs, played with all the toys and in the tent with Roger.  Man he was tired after all that playing and no nap.

We had decided early on in the planning of this trip that we were going to go to the Pita Pit at some point.  It is one of our favorite sandwich places and they don’t have any around here…only in college towns.  So we invited Roger and Kathy to join us.   We jumped in the car and within a minute Isaac was out.  Good thing it was a 30-40 minute drive down to town, gave Isaac sometime to sleep.

We stopped for ice cream about halfway home.  Which turned into a 30 minute ordeal because the drive-thru line wasn’t moving.  But it was yummy and it kept Isaac happy for the rest of the trip.

When we got home, I went online to check if anyone had posted about the dog we found on Craigs List.  I found a match and even though it was almost 11, had Zach give the person a call.  Turns out the dogs name was Baby, which was weird for me, because we had a dog growing up named Baby.  Zach had to leave a message, but the lady called back in 10ish minutes and Zach told her she could come and get the dog.  Isaac, Zach and the dog were waiting out front when she pulled up with a car full of kids….and as she got out of the car she said, “It’s you!  I thought it was you on the phone.”  Turns out this girl went to high school with Zach and they were moving the next day.  Talk about crazy.  I’m so glad the little doggy found her home.  She was a good dog and we enjoyed having her, Isaac was even sad saying good-bye.


2 thoughts on “A weekend in a day

  1. Wow what a crazy story about the dog. Glad you guys found the owner, that must have made you feel good and what a small world that it was someone that knew Zach.

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