18 Months

At this age, little guys change so much.  And so many of the new things they are doing are so fun and cute you think you’ll never forget, but then a few weeks down the road you’ve forgotten, so here’s one of those mom updates…mainly for me to keep track of my little guy.

Isaac is now 18 months old.  We went to the doctor the other day and he is 21 pounds…3rd percentile…kinda shrimpy, but doctor assures me there is nothing to worry about.

He still waves Hi and Bye to almost everyone he sees, but if you get lucky, you might hear a “hI.”  It’s so cute because it takes a lot of concentration and the “h” is almost non-existent.

We have somewhat moved out of the “no” for everything stage.  For a while, Isaac said yes to everything, eventually adding in the yes head shake, but then he learned the no head shake and for weeks everything has been no.  Finally he is mixing it up shaking Yes when he says yes and shaking no when he means no.

He will now point out whatever he wants to eat in the fridge or pantry, even sometimes trying new things out.

Isaac gets cereal or yogurt almost every morning.  He gets very excited about it and is getting very good with the spoon (he’s been good with the fork for ages).

Isaac loves airplanes and will point to the sky and say “AaarM” (or something like that).

He also loves cows and saying “maw” – he word for moo.

Dogs say “haaahaaa” – like he is panting.

He can recognize so many things in books and remembers almost everything.  For example, months ago he threw the rubber band ball from the dining room to the TV room with Uncle Cody.  He didn’t ever do it again.  Uncle Cody came over a few days ago and immediately, Isaac went and got the rubber band ball and threw it off the ledge.

If you ask Isaac “Who’s Cute?” he will put his hands to his face, squeeze his cheeks and smile.  Even if you just mention cute, but aren’t talking to him.


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