We went camping last night.  Before we left, Cody came over to watch the dogs, because of this, we didn’t lock the dogs up before we left.  Zach had the car doors open in the drive and I had my hands full of the last minute things, when both dogs bolted out the door, climbed in the drivers seat and found spot in the car.  All the while, we were all yelling at them to get out and back in the house.  Guinness made himself at home on top of our pillows and Lexi decided on the front seat.  I finally got them both out, only for them to jump right back in.  It took a lot of neogotigating, but we finally got them out and in the house.  It was quite the fiasco.

We had a nice twoish hour drive.  Isaac was fine the whole time, which was awesome.  We got to our site, which was right on the water, right as the sun was setting.  We had to stop a few times on the way to look at the cows.  Isaac loves cows.  We got the tent setup, which was a bit of a challenge in the semi-dark with Isaac getting upset with the too tall grass.  We then had a nice little campfire and looked at the stars – there were sooooo many!

Sleep was not fun.  It was COLD.  Isaac doesn’t like covers and would scream every time we tried to put under the covers.  I was so glad when morning came.  Isaac was awake with the sun, but he just hung out and read his books for an hour or so, then covered me in kisses to wake me up.  It was so cute!

We had breakfast, with a minor meltdown when we wouldn’t let Isaac go to the water.  Then we did some geocaching.  Unfortunately I left my camera battery at the house, so I didn’t get to take any photos except with my phone, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  We had a great day and made it home, so we were gone for less than 24 hours.  We still have our Sunday left of our weekend.  Great time.


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