NC – Part III

The last part of the trip is the reason we went to North Carolina – to participate in the spreading of Zach’s mom’s mom’s ashes in the ocean.

Zach and I began Thursday at the beach.  We left Isaac and Stacy at the hotel in bed and enjoyed a sun rise on the beach with all the surfers.  Unfortunately, it was still yucky weather…it was overcast and cold, but it was still fun to cuddle on the beach – something we’d never done.

After the sunrise, we went back to the hotel to get ready to meet Zach’s Mom, Sue, her husband, Jack and her cousin and aunt.   We then headed back to the beach.  It was windy and cold, but it felt like the beach shared the emotions of the group.

I never really got to know Jean.  She spent the last few years in a nursing home and had just started showing true signs of dementia when Zach and I started dating.  From what I know about her, we would have loved each other.  He house was filled with books and photos.  She loved to travel and be around her family.

After the walk on the beach, we went out to lunch.  After that we were supposed to spend the day with Sue and group, but we weren’t invited to whatever they planned.  This caused a lot of stress and frustration in our little group.  Technically, we flew all the way out here for this, to spend time with Zach’s mom and she (and group) were acting like they didn’t want us around.  A lot of yelling between Zach and I transpired and we spent the afternoon in the hotel, napping and doing pretty much nothing.

We met back up with Sue and her family for dinner.  Jack and Sue have always talked big about the two places we ate with them, but Stacy, Zach and I all agreed it was the worst food we had on our trip.  Neither place would we recommend or go back to on our own.

After dinner, we did go to a park with everyone, (which we were planning on going to before we went to dinner), but it was rainy, so it was kinda cold and not too fun.  Stacy and I tried to find two geocaches, but we didn’t have much luck.  As we went to leave it started pouring, but Isaac needed one last run across the playground.

Back at the hotel we had a bowl of ice cream and were going to watch a movie, but I started feeling bad, so went to bed.  Isaac didn’t sleep well, and by morning we decided that we were going to enjoy our day and not have breakfast with Sue and group.

First thing in the morning, we had a backup in the bathroom, which overflowed the toilet all over the floor and our beach stuff.  It was gross and getting it fixed and cleaned up while we were trying to take showers and pack was not ideal, but we managed.  We said a sad goodbye to Stacy as she headed back to Virginia and we began the trek back to Raleigh.  My stomach was still not feeling 100%, so we did have to make a few quick stops along the way.

We got back to deliver the rental car and made it to the airport just on time.  We were questioned at the ticket desk for Isaac’s birth certificate (the first time ever in the nine airplane trips he’d taken), which was at home in CO.  Thankfully, they let us on the airplane.  At security, it was a fiasco.  We had to laptops and Isaac’s stuff and such.  They made us separate, needed to recheck Zach or something, but that left me to repack our laptops and bags, collect our stuff, put my tennis shoes on and put Isaac’s shoes back on all on my own, while the security person impatiently waits so she can check our baby liquids.  It was miserable.

Thankfully, when we got to the gate and went to gate check Isaac’s carseat, we learned that they had extra seats and if we wanted, we could have one for Isaac.  Of course we did!  That was nice, and the rest of our trip home was uneventful.


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