NC – Part I

Our trip to NC can be split nicely into three different parts…mainly based on who we were around.

Part I – Raleigh/Fayetteville and Syble

We chose to fly to Raleigh is the only city in NC we could get a direct flight to and it happened to be a little cheaper, so we went with it.  It was a 3 and a half hour flight with about 4 hours total on the airplane.  Isaac didn’t sleep a wink, but we were lucky enough he didn’t fuss too much either.  I think we had about 2 – 20 second meltdowns.

We arrived and got a rental car….that was fun….three bags, a carseat, a pack n play and a kid on a shuttle bus to the rental car place.  Haha!  We got better at that later, but that first trip we were a mess!  We called my sis to see where she was.  She was driving down to meet us from VA.  She didn’t know where she was and we didn’t know how long it was going to take us to get to the highway she was on, so we decided to call each other when we got to a certain exit.  Turns out we got there first, about three minutes before her.  What perfect timing!  We ate dinner before the last leg of the trip into Fayetteville.

Zach’s great Aunt Syble lives in Fayetteville and we were staying with her for the first few days.  She made just Banana Puddin’, which was oh-so-good!  We spent an hour or so talking and then headed to bed.

On Friday, Syble made us all breakfast and then sent us on our way.  We drove back to Raleigh area to go to Duke.  If you know my husband, you know he is a HUGE Duke fan, but had never been to the campus, so it was kinda a must as we were so close.

The campus is beautiful.  I love the stones they use to build everything.  We stopped at Cameron Stadium.  Unfortunately, it was graduation weekend and they had the floor covered and chairs set up, but he still got to go there.  We also made a stop at the gift store, and Isaac pretented to play ball on the practice court.

For lunch we had to go to Pita Pit.  Pita Pit is one of our favorite places and happen to only be on/near college campuses.  So we drove the 10 minutes to Duke’s rival the University of North Carolina.  Which is also a beautiful campus.

Before we headed back to Fayetteville, we stopped by our first ever geocache.  It was a virtual cache, which means there is no container or log book to sign, it is just a place….in this case a historic site.  Of the biggest surrender of the Civil War.  Really a pretty cool story and a fun place to take pictures.

When we got back home Syble had dinner waiting for us.  Her daughter joined us for a delicious, relaxing dinner.

We spent Saturday relaxing and hanging out with Syble.  She really is a great lady with lots of stories to tell.  We love hanging out with her and really wish she lived closer so we could see her more often.


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