Next up is our trip to North Carolina, but first we have to cover Geocaching, as some took place in NC.

I’d heard about geocaching years ago, but it didn’t really stick with me.  It surfaced again last summer, I checked out the site ( by Groundspeak and was intrigued, but again, it didn’t stick.  I don’t know why I suddenly thought about it again…oh wait….yes, I do.  I was watching an episode of One Tree Hill and the Aunt takes the kid on treasure hunt around town.  I thought, that would be fun and then remembered geocaching and so decided to look it up.

As with any new adventure, I wanted to share it with my sister.  And since she would be joining us in just a few weeks in NC, I thought it was the perfect time to jump right in.  So I found a few caches in North Carolina and sent the GPS coordinates to our Garmin.

I will tell in more detail about each find later, but for now will just say, Geocaching is a great family outdoor activity….I highly encourage everyone to do it.  And as for the GPS, we’ve had more success just looking at the satellite map on Google, so you can even do it on a tight budget.  And what’s better than hanging with your family, working towards a common goal and being active all at the same time?


2 thoughts on “Geocaching

  1. We have been geocaching for a couple years now and we even bought a Garmin just to do it. But I will tell you that my Droid and my wife’s Pixi are better at finding caches through their downloadable geocaching apps than the Garmin ever was. Keep enjoying the hunt, and beware of muggles 🙂

    • I can’t believe you kept this fun from me! 🙂 Do you have a geocaching account? We should be friends. The iPod Touch app works pretty darn good, I can’t imagine how great it would be on the iPhone. Unfortunately it doesn’t have Internet away from the house and only picks up cell towers to figure out where I am, not GPS, but it still helps a ton. I wanted to get the app for my blackberry, but guess it doesn’t work on Verizon blackberries. Zach’s due for a new phone in September and is talking about a Droid.

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