I haven’t been such a good blogger lately.  I could make a million excuses, but who really wants to hear them-not me.  And in fact, it doesn’t matter WHY I haven’t been blogging, but that someday, when I go back and read my blog, I will be missing huge chunks of time.

So, I have some blogs to go “back” and do.  Mainly, I want to get our vacation done in the near future, but before I get to that, let’s talk about my munchkin. 🙂

Isaac is 17 months old.  He reminds me every day why I always said the age between 1 and 2 was my favorite.  Each age is amazing and has it’s own wonder and challenges, but this age they are so explorative and are constantly learning and applying that knowledge and learning how to effectively communicate with others.

Some quick random facts about Isaac:

  • He loves water, especially the ocean.
  • He loves balls and rocks.  They are good for throwing.  Last night he was throwing one of his big balls up, just a bit, so it would land back in his arms.  He also likes to dribble them around the house.
  • Hats are another favorite, especially Daddy’s hats.  He thinks it is very funny to put a hat on the one of the dogs backs and watch them walk around.
  • He loves his doggy friends.  I really don’t know what he would do without them.  He follows them around, kisses them, snuggles them and tells the to go upstairs (with his hand) when he is eating.  Sometimes the dogs don’t quite understand him, but it’s attention.
  • Trees….Isaac loves trees.  I’m thinking he is an outdoorsy type of guy.  We went on a hike last weekend and he was so happy to get to touch all the trees.  Normally he points to them and hopes we let me get close enough to touch them.
  • Reading books.  The other day, Zach searched the house for Isaac.  He wasn’t downstairs, there aren’t many places to hide, so he went upstairs.  The bathroom was open and the lights were out, but no Isaac.  No Isaac in his room or our room.  Zach asked the dogs where he was.  They just stood there, pretending to want in their bed in the closet.  Mild panic sets in, as Zach opens the closet door and finds Isaac sitting in the dogs bed, which his blanket all wrapped around him and a book inhis hand – not that he could see it in the dark.
  • He likes to “talk” on the phone and sometimes random animals.
  • Isaac has 11 teeth.  I don’t really know when that happened, he won’t really let me look in there all too often.
  • He loves cheese, grapes, and chocolate.  He also eats a lot of goldfish, PB&Js and MultiGrain Cheerios with Milk.
  • He knows how to use both a fork and spoon, but gets frustrated by not getting enough food sometimes.  I guess it’s kinda like me and chopsticks.

And what’s a post without a video or photos?


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