We are getting ready to go on a trip on Thursday.  Getting ready for a trip is always so challenging. I always want to start packing weeks in advance, unfortunately, you can’t really do that because you always need the things you are going to pack.  So I make lists.  It’s the only way I can clear my mind about the packing.  But still I always worry that I’m going to forget something or need something I didn’t pack.  Really, the only thing that is not replaceable is Z’s perscription, which happened once and we had to have my parent’s overnight it, so even that isn’t the end of the world.

Traveling with a toddler is an added bonus, especially such an active child who refuses to sleep in public places.  Our four hour flight will be an interesting one, but at least we only have one flight to deal with.

We are excited.  It will be an adventure that’s for sure.  Lots to get done before we leave.  But then we get to see my sister for the first time in six months and we get to see Syble (Zach’s great aunt)….how fun!


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