My Son

OMG!!  I am absolutely so in love with my son.  How could any one thing be so perfect and wonderful?  Isaac is in what I’ve always deemed my favorite age.  Although we aren’t able to understand everything he says, he talks, gets excited, laughs and responds.


  • Isaac has recently taken to eating with a fork.  We’ve always given him plastic baby forks, but recently he had a plastic big person fork and loved it, we went got him some real baby forks (which he picked out at the store) and he uses it all the time now.  So cute and fun.
  • Tonight was an exception to the fork.  He had spaghetti-o’s and realized quite quickly that the fit perfectly on his finger, so he had to put them on his finger then to his mouth.
  • Isaac is learning to obey.  He is beginning to understand that he has to stop at the street.  This is a life or death piece of knowledge, so we work on it a lot.
  • Yesterday Isaac brought me a book in my room (he LOVES to read).  I put him in my lap and read him the book.  When it was done he wanted down and I asked him to take the book back.  Instead he ran to his room and got another book.  I told him he needed to take the first book back first.  He picked it up and went to his room.  He returned with his snuggly.  So I let him up in my lap to read.  A few minutes later Zach came up and I asked him to tell me where the book was….he searched Isaac’s room and found it in the book basket.  What a good kid!
  • We got Isaac a Betta fish for his 15 month birthday.  He loves fish and since our goldfish died, Zach has been wanting some new fish.  Now, if we ask Isaac if he wants to see his fish (it is high on his dresser) he laughs, more like giggles.  It’s so cute!
  • Last night we went with some friends for some gelato.  It was so good.  But Isaac was a ham.  He kept running behind the counter, just so he could see the guy who was working there.   He also kept going and talking to the other couple who was there.  And of course, he love the dark chocolate gelato I had.  He had his own little spoon and stood on the chair next to me dipping his spoon in.  I think he got more on his hands and face and clothes than in his mouth, but he had fun.
  • Today we went grocery shopping.  Isaac waved at everyone.  He is normally pretty shy and won’t wave at people, but today he was everyone’s friend.  And I think about 10 people told me he has a great smile.
  • I think he final got his molar.  I got my finger in there today and it felt like something was there.  That would be tooth #7.
  • Oh and so much more.  But Isaac wants read….so I’m off.

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