Quick Thoughts

I’ve dropped off the blog radar again.

Funny, I read blogs everyday, but I seem to “forget” to blog myself.  Maybe it is because I’m just home all the time.

I have two thoughts to blog about today.


Isn’t he the sweetest???

We’ve been having lots of fun playing lately.  Chasing, climbing, tackling, reading, snuggling.  I can’t wait for summer to relax with Zach and play outside!


I’ve taken on laundry.  For a twenty-nine year old it might seem crazy that I’m just learning how to do laundry, but I’ve been a bit spoiled.  Mom always did it growing up and when I got married, Zach did the laundry, I paid the bills, and we shared everything else.  Well, with Zach doing so many classes, I’ve been trying to pick up the slack around the house…cooking dinner (which Zach usually did) and doing laundry.  For the record….I loathe laundry.  That’s all.