Juice Break

Today I made a recipe from my new book “Raw Energy.”  Four Granny Smith Apples and a thumb piece of gingerroot, put them all in the juicer and served over ice.  It made about two cups worth, which was just perfect for Zach, Isaac and me.  It was this green foamy looking stuff, but it tasted pretty good.  Isaac took a while to drink his and it eventually turned to a more “apple juice” look.

It’s rare that Zach is home in the afternoon, but he is taking Thursday afternoons off for homework for the next few weeks.  So we all sat in Isaac’s room, sipping our juice and laughing and talking.  It was perfect.

I set my glass down a moment and wasn’t paying attention.  Isaac crawled leaned over my leg and put his hand in my juice and played with the ice.  It was funny.  And I wonder why I kept finding Guinness hair.

Isaac has been a hoot lately. He likes to carry thing from room to room and place them inside something. A couple of days ago it was his milk in the with the pots and pans. Yesterday, I went to move his trash can back to his bedroom (Zach takes it out so he doesn’t wake Isaac getting the trash together) and I found about 10 toys from different rooms in the house, there….thankfully we always use a bag and there wasn’t a bag in there yet. I took all the toys out and moved it to the bedroom. Today I went to use it and noticed that the hippo was back in the trashcan. This isn’t the only place he has stockpiled. He has two cardboard boxes (one in his room and one in the front room) and his push train that he likes to put things in. So fun! Keeps me on my toes.