There just never seems to be enough time in a day is there?

Zach is back in school.  He is so done with going to school and I can’t blame him.  I’m ready for him to be done too.  He has been going to school since about a year after we started dating….that means it’s been about eight years.  I’ve managed to get two degrees in that time frame, which I’m sure makes it harder on him.

Zach has never liked school, but he is a great student.  He reads EVERYTHING.  He follows directions to a T.  He is thoughtful and always puts forth his best effort, I don’t know if he knows how not to.  The reason school has taken so long is a few mistakes at the beginning, but mainly because he has only been taking about 2 classes a semester and he has taken a few semesters off here and there.

We sat down and realized that if he took a full schedule this semester and next, he could student teach a year from now and get his diploma.  At this point he is unsure if he really wants to be a classroom teacher, but at this point it’s just about getting the degree.  We’ve also realized that it is a huge challenge to go to school and have kids, so no more kids until we (he) is done.

So, Zach is currently enrolled in four classes.  Three he is taking right now.  Two are eight week classes with one 16 week class and then he’ll take another eight week class at the end of this eight weeks.  He is constantly doing school…or work…he rarely gets sleep.  I’ve been trying to help as much as possible and taking up a lot of the household things he normally does.  Part of school involves observations in classrooms, which takes his normal middle of the day hours that he is home.  It’s a challenge, but I’m convinced he will make it through this and we will be that much closer to putting school behind us (at least until Isaac starts kindergarten).

With Zach always being about school when he is home, I have 100% Isaac duty.  This is okay, and now that he is older and a bit more independent, it’s easier, but there are somethings that I just can’t do with him.  Mainly, I can’t run.  I dream about running – gliding over the ground.  Right now I’m not in good enough shape to run more than a few minutes, but I want to improve that, but that requires that I actually run and you can’t run with a kid strapped to your back.  A jogging stroller might help on the days that it is nice enough to go outside, but I have two problems with this: first, they are costly and second they are big and we don’t have much storage space.  So, I need a new plan.

My first plan entailed following a Nike+ training program.  Which would be wonderful if I could go running for 20-30 minutes everyday, but that is unrealistic today, maybe this summer.  So, my new plan is simple…walk everyday with Isaac and run when I can, even if it is just five minutes around the block.  In order to squeeze this time in, I have to change one major thing in my life….I must get dressed in the morning and put on shoes.  I know this seems silly, but working from home I tend to stay in my pjs all day…it saves on laundry, but it also causes me to be a bit more lazy.

So, starting Monday, dressed before I start work….hopefully this will help me add more time to my day.


2 thoughts on “Time

  1. You might really enjoy the website flylady.net. It’s a website about getting your life out of chaos, which is not why I’m recommending it…I’m actually recommending it because the first step they have on it is to everyday get dressed to your shoes. Since that is where you feel you need to go with your life you may want to check out some of the other get started tips she has on there. Good luck!

  2. Good on Zach for sticking with the degree. That is one thing I wish I had stayed with. One of these days I will go back and get it done. Once we are debt free (and it’s just around the corner) I would like to start school again. Not sure it will be for IT though, I would love to branch out into something that I am not so familiar with. Glad he is dedicated to it, and I hope it all goes smoothly.

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