I tend to keep the TV on during the day while I work.  It makes the time pass faster.  Somedays it’s all about the birthing shows, other days it’s a true crime drama marathon, or maybe I want to get lost in Ancient Egypt.  I try to mix it up so I don’t get too bored.  Today I found my self watching HGTV.

Most of the shows make you want to redo a room and make it beautiful and while I watched plenty of those types of shows today, one of the first was International House Hunters.  I think it’s good to see how people live around the world.  It makes me look at my own living situation so much differently.

You see…I’ve been getting a bit of a cramped feeling.  That coupled with the fact that we’ve lived in our house almost five years (and the plan was to sell it and buy a new one at the five year mark) and I’m getting the urge to move.  I just don’t know if it is the practical thing to do.

Regardless of what we do, it seems like decluttering is the thing to do.  Many times things in our house aren’t put away because there isn’t a place for it or you have to get the step stool, take out this box to get to the box that those go in…so instead we just throw it in a cabinet or pile it on top of something else.  I keep saying, “if I had a bigger place, I’d have enough room for everything so it would be easier to keep clean.” HAHA, right?

So, making this house “big enough” involves a two step process:

1. Stop Hording.  I’ve always had this problem.  I save something to be used at a later time, but later never comes.  I used to save my Valentine’s Day candy until the next V-Day, when I’d determine it was too old and throw it out.

2. Find a place for everything and keep it there.  A great example is the vacuums cleaner, which doesn’t have a home, so is currently in the middle of the hall, where we have to constantly step around it.

Today, I started with Zach’s bathroom, the laundry room and the linen closet.  Why not start with one?  Because the items these areas hold are all related and I found too many duplicates.  I wanted to start with the bathroom to clear out under the sink of things Isaac shouldn’t be able to get to, some of those things needed to go into the laundry room, etc, etc, etc.

I had a good start today.  It’s not done, but there is promise there.  I just had a cranky boy and then Zach got home and I had to go for a run and then I was tired and decided to write.  But the bathroom is done (minus taking out the trash).


3 thoughts on “Cramped

  1. I have to at least give you props for admitting that the year old candy needs to be thrown out 🙂 Our problem is needing to unpack and organize… still in the process after 3 months now.

  2. That’s great. One of the things on my list was to clean out under the sinks…so far I’ve done the three bathroom sinks, but still have the kitchen sink to go. Amazing how many duplicates we have. Doing this is helping me save money because there is a lot I won’t need to buy for quite some time.

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