Happy Thanksgiving!

I normally let this holiday pass me by.  Yes, at one time we were forced to “be thankful” for something and share it around the table, but I don’t know that I really ever felt it.  This year is different.  Maybe it’s because I’m a mommy this year, but I wanted to start this Thanksgiving off right.

I’m thankful for…

…my job (that pays me well and keeps me home for Isaac) and my husband’s job (that gives him a good chunk of time to spend with Isaac in the middle of the day).

…my house.  A place to call my own, even when it gets dusty.

…my two goofy dogs, full of love all the time.

…paying off all our credit card debt this month.

…Zach being closer to student teaching and graduating than ever before.

…being done with my master’s degree.

…Jesus watching over me and preparing my place in Heaven.

…my neighbors (Adam & Crystal & Addison), who have become more like family over this past year.

…my expanded-suedo family (John & Maggie & Jess & Jordan & Liam & Carolyn & Nick), who are always there and fun to be around.

…Susie, a forever friend who is more like a sister.

…Russ, always there, honest and fun.

…my parents, who raised me, love me and support me.

…my father-in-law, the most dependable person I know.

…my sister, so thankful we are friends again.

…my brother-in-law (Joe), who makes my sister happy.

…my husband, the most patient, understand and self-less person I know.

…my son, who I could never have imaged I’d love so much.

I have so much to be thankful for, some if it is hard to put in words, but there you go…my shortened list. 🙂

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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