Funny story.

The other night I was in the bathroom.  I think I was brushing my teeth.  Anyway, Zach was “in charge” of the baby.  Isaac had just sat on the potty and Zach was letting him just crawl around without a diaper – which is what I would have done too, but I have a tendency to “watch” Isaac a bit more when he isn’t wearing a diaper.

Isaac was crawling to get me in the bathroom, stopping along the way to play with various things.  Once he got to me he tried to go to the toilet to play, so I picked him up and headed out of the bathroom and immediately felt something warm and gooey under my foot.  Yep, that’s right.  Isaac had pooped right outside the bathroom and I stepped right into it, smooshing it deep into the carpet.  Yuck!

Zach came and got Isaac and I hopped to the bathroom to clean my foot.  Isaac lost his diaper-free privilege for the night and I was stuck scrubbing the carpet.  But we were all laughing and isn’t that what life is about?  Enjoying the good in every situation?


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