Last week my favorite band, Switchfoot, decided to release their new single, Mess of Me, in the strangest of ways… they hid copies all over the world and tweeted the locations on Twitter.  The expectation was that you find the hidden copies, make a new copy, hide it and Tweet the location for someone else to find.  What a great, fun time.

On Friday morning I needed to go to the office.  I haven’t been to the office in months, but someone across the country needed a file that I had in my old filing cabinet, so I promised I’d make the trip.  I decided to make the drive during a conference call I had…I get so bored driving.  Then this “game” entered into the equation…

Someone Tweeted about a copy in Denver, a location I could easily get to on my way to work.  Excitement overwhelmed me.  I actually get out of the house and do something fun and connected to others.  I was all in.  Isaac and I made the trip to the location…which happened to be a store…which happened to not be open…so we walked around for 10 minutes….but the CD was there.  We then made it to work and back home.

I sent a copy with Zach to work, but no one got it.  I wanted to hide it somewhere, but every time I was out I didn’t have the CD.  I feel like such a failure in the game.  But what fun I had following it and being excited with the rest of the world!


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