About two months ago, Zach’s grandma (on his dad’s side) was given a few days to six months to live.  She was sent home with hospice care and to be surrounded by those who loved her.

A few weeks later, with her only sister and son by her side, she took her last breath.  

Dorothy was an amazing woman.  One I wish I had lived closer to so that I could have known her better and learned from her wisdom.

Dorothy had many brothers and only one younger sister.  She was married once and had two children, one who died almost seven years to the day before Dorothy.  She had four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.  The youngest, Isaac, will never get to meet her.  Dorothy loved to travel when she was younger, and was the keeper of all information.  She was witty and fun.  

I’m very sad she never met Isaac.  

I’m sad that the last time we saw her was almost two years ago.  

I’m sad that we hadn’t talked to her in months.

I’m thankful that I did meet her.

I’m thankful that she was such a saver of stuff, that we have stories for years to share and learn of together.

I don’t think I have the words to describe what an amazing person she was, but I wanted a her to have a place in my blog.  I place where some day my kids will read about there great-grandma and know what a truly awesome, loving, strong, kindhearted, witty person she’d been.


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