I’ve been a Switchfoot fan since the beginning.  I remember there was this Christian magazine that every two months would produce a cassette tape that you could buy for $0.99.  On that tape would be about 10 songs from new CDs that were coming out soon or had just come out.  One time one of the songs was Chem6A.  I think I might have worn the tape out rewinding and playing again which finally led me to purchase the CD.  I practically wore the CD out.

CD number 2 came out and while it was good, I didn’t wear it out.  In fact, when CD #3 came out I didn’t really care.  Until I saw A Walk to Remember and I recognized the songs.  I couldn’t get them out of my head.  I finally find the CDs, but that jsut made me want more Switchfoot, so I went and got CD#3 and from them on I’ve not been able to quit.

Four years ago, I had the wild idea to go see their concert with my sister.  It was one of those sister bonding things.  Dispite the fact that I end up at a lot of concerts, up until this point (and even since), I’d been relatively bored with concerts and actually, Switchfoot has only made that worse.  Stacy and I pushed our way up to the front and were about two or three people from the stage.  We stood firm the waiting for Switchfoot, even through some music that was not our cup of tea.  And it was well worth it.  Switchfoot puts on a good show.  Jon especially works the crowd….interacting and talking with us.  We were hooked.  We said we’d always go back.

The next year, Switchfoot came again.  This time we planned a bit better and got there early enough to stand in line (Stacy had a test the next day, so we studied in line).  We again push/worked our way up to the front, but it was easy because we’d gotten there so early.  We were right at the bar in front of the stage.  We could get no closer.  This was the year Stacy took a wild jump and touched Jon and he climbed the balcony and as always put on a really good show.  We couldn’t stop talking about it and how wonderful it was…so much so my husband said he wanted to come with us next time.

Well, we got skipped over.  And then they came with a huge Christian tour and were in a event center that had “assigned” seats and I was 7 months pregnant.

When I found out they were coming to Denver again, just two days before my sisters birthday and to a smaller venue.  I was so excited….but then I realized Stacy was going to be in Virginia, as she just moved there this summer to be with her husband.  Then about a month ago, Stacy found out that she needed to be in Denver the day before the concert because she started student teaching.  So we got tickets and Zach and my best friend Susie decided to join as well.

Long story, but by the time we got there, the line was LONG.  The people were different (this was a concert with Blue October).  Hopes were high.  We didn’t get there in time to have good position.  And it’s hard to move through a crowd with four people.  We got stuck behind this really TALL guy.  None of us could see around him and he was like a rock.  Didn’t budge an inch.  We managed to move around in front of some teenagers, only to end up almost stepping on a kid sitting on the ground (which Stacy got yelled at for, even though she kept anything bad from happening).  Stacy wanted to leave because of a few of the people near her, so I switched places with her.  Switchfoot was on next.  They came on and this really BIG woman, who smelled like Isaac’s diapers, in front of me was trying to get her two friends over to her.  When her friends finally got there, they just kept talking and talking and because of there angle it was all I could hear.  I, of course, am singing along with Jon.  During one break, I just say out loud that they should be quiet or leave because they are ruining the concert.  A little while later, while I was singing one of the girls turns around and tells me to “Stop singing.  They might be good if I could hear them.”  I told them I came to sing and was about to burst into tears.  They wouldn’t stop and I got mad enough, I pushed in front of them stating, “If you let me in front of you, you won’t have to listen to me sing.”  I got called a “fucking bitch,” which I kinda was but they weren’t any better.  I was only there a minute and looked at Zach and Stacy and said let’s go and tried to get out of there.  They wouldn’t let me go beyond them, only trading places with me.  I really had a hard time…I just wanted to cry.  I put my head on Zach’s shoulder.  He told me to just let it go.  That I shouldn’t let them win.  At one point though, Zach even almost punched them, because they kept telling him to stop singing and told him that Switchfoot wasn’t even good.  HA!  During this drama, Jon had jumped off the stage and walked from one side of the floor to the other, just doing what Jon does.  It’s so funny.

As soon as Switchfoot was done, we were out.  And so were about half the people there.  It was funny because the Blue October fans kept asking where everyone was going.  We hung out for a while in the back trying to decide what to do.  Hoping for some remedy to the miserable night.

We saw Switchfoot rushed downstairs for a meet and greet and we walked over there.  We were told that was the only way out, so we stood there.  We lasted through two or three of Blue October’s songs before deciding that they were much like there fans….not very good and we finally decided to leave.  We had to walk past the tour buses to get to our car and as we got closer we saw about six people standing by the cars talking to someone.  We walked quicker and sure enough it was Jon.

We took the picture for the people who were standing there and then asked for a picture ourselves, unfortunately, all we had was my cell phone, so the picture turned out dark.  But Jon was so nice and wished Stacy a Happy Birthday and asked how old she was going to be.  She was about to pass out and could barely breathe.  He also told us he was thinking of doing a show later at a coffee shop if he could find one and he’d Twitter the location.

We started to walk away and then decided to hang and listen to stories and such while Zach and Susie went to the car to get “the professional camera you can’t take into concerts.”  We weren’t there very long and Drew came out, and then some girls came out of the concert and realized what was going on and started running towards us all.  Jon quickly ducked out and then Drew left too.  We kinda half followed Drew and his Denver friends (mainly because our car was there)….they ate dinner at Park Avenue Grill (I’ve eaten there!), but we just went to 7-11 and got slurpees and Stacy went to the bathroom.  We got back to the car and decided to do a quick drive-by of where they’d been talking to people and we saw Tim out talking, so we found a closer parking spot and walked over.  Stacy got her photo with him and we listened to him answer questions and such.

Periodically, the members would switch up and change places.  Once returning to the bus, and another coming out.  Jerome came out and talked to everyone.  Even came over to us (we were not standing at the rope) and we ended up talking to him about camera’s and lenses.  Who knew his wife was a photographer and he is her backup.

Jon came out again and someone had his guitar and asked Jon to play.  There were about 20ish people and Jon did.  He sang a few songs from his solo albums…..it was great.  Praising God on the streets of Denver. 🙂

Then he said if we could find a way he’d play some songs from the new album.  So he worked to find a blank CD, didn’t happen.  Eventually a guy pulled up his car and Jon connected his iPhone to another guys iTrip and we listened to a few songs while Jon took photos and chatted with people.  He is such a nice person.  Really, really is.

As the Blue October concert got out.  Things got more choatic and Jon stopped playing the new music, saying “I just wanted it to be an intimate thing.”  The difference in the Switchfoot fans and Blue October fans is amazing.  Switchfoot fans are like family…they are nice and friendly and look out for each other.  Blue October fans are loud and abnoxious and only look out for themselves.

Before we left, I tapped Jon on the shoulder and asked if we could re-do our photo from earlier with a real camera.  He said, “Sure.  23, right?”  Remembered Stacy’s age!  We got Susie in the photo too!  But it was quite funny as she was leaning on me a bit, which was causing me to fall into Jon and we later found out Susie was holding his hand!  HA!  So I have to share both picture as they go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

It was a great evening.  Hanging with Switchfoot made the night totally worth it.  And I feel quite bad about not being a “good” Switchfoot fan and treating those people nice.  I even told Jon about the fact that it wasn’t the best concert of theirs I’d been too (he looked sad) and then I said, “Because I was told not to sing with you.” He responded, “Well, I like it when you sing and appreciate it.”

Susie, of course, had to take some end of the night shots….too bad we don’t get her in them more.


One thought on “Switchfoot

  1. Hey –

    Found your blog from your Tweets re:#messofme, but I don’t Tweet, so there you have it. Thanks for the review of the (disappointing) show in Denver. We happened to be in Iowa over that weekend when they did a one-off show in Des Moines – they headlined, a few local bands opened, and no Blue October. It was a phenomenal set, with plenty of new songs thrown in. Sorry to hear the Denver show wasn’t as great!

    I’m up in Fort Collins, so probably won’t find the copy of the single floating around the Denver area, but thought I’d leave you a note to thank you for your honest review of the tour and pics from after, etc. Have a great weekend!

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