Yesterday I had two friends who can’t possibly know each other post about fireflies back to back.  It reminded me of a part of our trip to Virginia that I’d forgotten – seeing Fireflies for the first time!

On our second night in Virginia we were eating pizza on the deck at about 10:30PM and all the sudden I saw a little bleep of light.  I was so excited!  Joe told me that the best time to see them is around 9 when the sun has just disappeared.  Well, I forgot about that until our very last day and Joe was outside and came in saying that it was the perfect time to watch fireflies.  We were packing, so Zach went out first.  I asked if it was worth it to go out (I didn’t want to get eaten by bugs) and he said yes.  So I headed out and there they were….zooming in and out of the trees, turning their lights on and off.  It was pretty cool.  It would be so relaxing if I wasn’t so worried about the bugs.  You could sit on the swing and just enjoy nature and it was still warm enough to not need a blanket (although a blanket might have helped with the bugs.)


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